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Japan Southeast Asia Innovation Platform (JSIP), a first of the kind co-creation/innovation community which aims to bridge the SEA startup ecosystem and the Japanese corporate world, will co-host an online reverse pitch event on 31st Aug (Wed) with JETRO, Japan Exchange Group (Tokyo Stock Exchange) and ACE where leading Japanese corporates will pitch their open innovation/investment/CVC activities in this region and share collaboration opportunities. And our community partners which are Enterprise Singapore and One&Co support us for this event.

If you are a startup or a VC, this online event will be an excellent opportunity to understand JP corporates priorities and technology needs and get connected to the key persons.

RSVP (Yey! It’s free!) :

Overview of the event:

■ Date:31st August Wed, 16:00-18:00
■ Venue: Online (Zoom)
■ Participants
•    5 Leading Japanese Corporates (who are JSIP Sponsors)
•    Startup/Tech company/VC/Gov Agency from SEA (100-200 members in total)
■ Agenda
1.    Welcome word from JSIP 16:00-16:05
2.    Quick intro of presenter companies 16:05-16:15
3.    Vote 16:15-16:20
4.    Pitch Session (1) 16:20-17:00
5.    Pitch Session (2) 17:10-17:50
6.    Online meetup 18:00-19:00 (Under discussion)
7.    Closing 19:00

■ Participating companies and themes:

JR East
•    Digital Transformation technologies in railway construction and maintenance to solve productivity issues and safety issues in harsh construction conditions.
o    Image/video analysis/visualization technologies to automate construction site monitoring
o    DX tools to improve the design and engineering process (currently a manual/human reliant process)
o    New hardware technologies applicable to construction to smash cost

•    Office Well-being solutions to improve employees health, satisfaction and royalty including IoT technologies, community platforms, employee benefits, etc.
•    Futuristic ways of “designing” by involving customers. (e.g. applying metaverse to design “cities and buildings in 2040”, applying NFTs to encourage customers participation in designing)

•    New business using inkjet-based digital printing technology
RICOH’s proprietary inkjet technology and material technology allow ink to be applied precisely to any location, various materials. RICOH has already launched /developed Printed Lithium Ion batteries, 3D modeling, and on-demand painting for vehicles and actively looking for new businesses and innovative ideas for digital manufacturing leveraging their inkjet technology
•    Energy management or technologies related to the environment
Looking for startups with technologies that contribute to reuse and recycling which are well matched with RICOH’s current activities for environment, such as circular business models or technologies with minimal impact on the environment, something that contributes to energy management at workplaces
•    Human Sensing Technology
Looking for human sensing technology that estimates/visualizes a person’s inner self (intention, emotion, concentration, stress, etc.) from their external characteristics (behavior, voice, facial expression, etc.) and vital data to improve employees well-being and engagement.

Sumitomo Corporation
•    Automated quality checks for rolled steel products with different compositions
•    Track and Trace for WIP steel sheets products which involves sandblasting and slitting during the manufacturing process

Japan Exchange Group (Tokyo Stock Exchange)
•    IPO Opportunities for Startups in Asia

– Considerations for IPO exit option / Opportunities in Tokyo market
– Consultation on TSE IPO criteria / preparation process

■ Additional information

•    To Startups: You’re expected to have an established and commercialized product and have once raised funding from external investors. It would be most fruitful if you have a plan to enter the Japanese market or a strategy to partner with Japanese corporates.
•    Language: English, including presentation and materials

•    Pitches are divided into Breakout Sessions. Participants can select 2 pitches to listen.

•    Video will be uploaded to Youtube later. You can receive the video link after the event if you RSVP.

•    JSIP will connect you to the presenters after the event upon request

We look forward to seeing you at the event!

Contact us if you have any questions
Takaki NAKAMURA, Founding member and Community Accelerator of JSIP
WhatsApp: +65 8752 1206

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